• Car Leather Protector - Autóbőrvédő

Water-based protective cream that creates an invisible barrier on leather preventing every day dirt from penetrating. It provides
softness and shine to leather thanks to its natural ingredients.

Over time, undetectable body oils and acids that naturally come into contact with the leather and without proper cleaning and re-protection will
cause cracking, peeling or discoloration. This problem is very evident when looking at steering wheels, door handles, or the inside collar of a
leather jacket. Leather Protector is a highly advanced product to assist leather in repelling oil, alcohol, protein and water-based stains. Leather
Protector has been designed for use on all grained leather, top coated and aniline. For nubuck and suede leather, FENICE has formulated a
Ecoguard Nubuck Protector to address the specific needs of these leather. It is perfectly suited for natural grained leather, as it does not change
the feel or the color of even these sensitive leather, while all the time, adding stain resistance. For top coated leather, applying Leather Protector
will ease the removal of difficult stains like ink, lipstick, newspaper print, and blue jean dye transfer. Leather Protector forms an invisible
breathable barrier that will improve stain resistance and cleanability, inhibiting the grease that destroys your leather.

Directions: Unless the leather article is new, clean leather with Leather Cleaner. Shake the bottle well. Apply Leather Protector on the cloth and
massage with circular movements. Leave to dry naturally. Can be polished with light pressure. Do not rub! Do not use on suede/nubuck.

Routine Care: Leather Cleaner and Leather Protector should be part of a regular schedule of cleaning and protection. For high use pieces,
such as automotive seats, recliners, or family room furniture, cleaning is recommended monthly. For lesser-used pieces, full cleaning and
protection should be 2-4 times per year.

Car Leather Protector - Autóbőrvédő

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